Meet us at

UK Games Expo 29th - 31st May 2020
Birmingham, UK

Berlin Brettspiel Con 17th - 19th July 2020
Berlin, Germany

SPIEL 22nd - 25th October 2020
Essen, Germany

What we do

The Best Indie Games Alliance is a gathering of like-minded companies and individuals working in the board gaming industry. From Publishers to Creators, Distributors to Accessory Producers we all have one thing in common: We are independents in an increasingly crowded market working to create the best damn product we can.

To survive and prosper in this environment we have come together to share resources and help each other - from a joint booth at events that allows us a larger presence over sharing knowledge and dealing with logistics and warehousing to promotion and Kickstarter funding, we help one another to become BIGger than we are alone.

Our members share a dedication to quality, professionalism and enlightened self-interest and above all are really nice people. If you think you fit that description, contact us and become a BIG member!


Nils Herzmann Funtails

Karsten Schulmann Stimulus Games

Jan Wagner Underground Games